How To Treat Neutropenia In Cats: Experts Say?

How To Treat Neutropenia In Cats: Experts Say? – Patients with decreased leukemia in cats is an advocate dangerous infectious , spread quickly lethal to many cats. The disease is also known with other names such as: hospital care in cats, the disease white blood… all the animals belonging to the Cat ( Felidae ) are infected and bring the virus to spread, outbreaks of the massive outbreak. So, is there a treatment reduced leukemia in cats or not?

How To Treat Neutropenia In Cats: Experts Say?
How To Treat Neutropenia In Cats: Experts Say?

Disease symptoms decreased leukemia in cats

  • Fever, anorexia and collapsed abruptly, vomiting many times, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea and dehydration electrolyte disorders, severe, cry, hoarseness, loss of voice, faint, decline leukocytes (leukopenia) result in death, drooling slimy.
  • Neurological symptoms: staggering, loss of balance, trembling, swaying, and even seizures.
  • Eye with nhèm, sunken, drooping eyelids, lethargic, nose, mouth, penetration, black. The breath and the smell of feces, drool and odorous very uncomfortable.
  • Cat mom, pregnancy, miscarriage or premature birth, kittens can be infected with virus from 2 – 3 weeks of age die-off in a few days. Cats of all ages are suffering from the disease. But the mortality rate is very high: from 25 – 75% of cats die in the outbreak, nearly 100% with kittens

Disease prevention neutropenia in cats

  • Vaccination against the disease for cats. The vaccine effect immune to 2-3 years. However, should inject every year to ensure.
  • Cats vaccinated patients should not be exposed to the cats vaccinated disease or a cat of unknown origin. Careful with the cats from the disease, but still carrying the virus. Because this may cause outbreaks outbreak.
  • Cat buying a new should be insulated with the other cats from 10-15 days and keep track of them
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How to treat neutropenia in cats

Immediately after noticing the symptoms of the disease, you should take the cat to the veterinary medical facility for examination. If after 2-3 days, treatment of neutropenia in cats is almost no. You need to note 1 of the following:

How To Treat Neutropenia In Cats: Experts Say?
How To Treat Neutropenia In Cats: Experts Say?
  • Quarantine your cat sick and disinfect the whole place cat in. Special track what your cat has been exposed or living with a cat is sick.
  • If the cat is vomiting a lot, go outside, brewed drooping that has not yet taken to be the doctor they need to pump oresol constantly. Always keep warm for cats, or turn on the heating lamp.
  • Disease due vius no drug specific treatment. So, how to treat patients with decreased leukemia in cats is just the treatment of symptoms of the disease and help for cat increased resistance to pathogens in the body:

– Infusion: Ringer Lactate, Glucose 5%, glucose 10%… – Antibiotics : Baytril, Unasyl, Ampicillin… – Anti-inflammatory: Dexamethasome… – Tonic: Catosal, Bydyzyl… – Drug treatment of symptoms: Vitamin C, Transamine, atropine… Antibodies

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