Bath For Dogs: Guide To Bathroom To Dogs Always Clean

Bath For Dogs: Guide To Bathroom To Dogs Always Clean – Bathe the dog the right way will bring many practical benefits. Not the help you tighten affection with your dog, it also helps your dog clean, remove dirt, parasites. However, not everyone knows bathe the dogs properly. Veterinary hospital PetHealth will help you understand the importance as well as how to shower properly for pet dog through this article.

Bath For Dogs: Guide To Bathroom To Dogs Always Clean
Bath For Dogs: Guide To Bathroom To Dogs Always Clean

There should be a bath for dogs or not?

Other than the human body, dogs do not have sweat glands on the skin. So without the ability to exchange air and the warmth to radiate heat on the skin is extremely small. In cold regions, people are very limited, bath for dog, even is not.

However, with the climate in Vietnam, then bathe the dog is the right thing to do. The climate is hot and humid, there will be a lot of dirt on the leather and fur dog. From it will cause the phenomenon hairy lumps, matted fur. The parasite skin as ticks, bugs, swarms… will have the opportunity to attack and cause diseases in dermatology.

The body temperature of the dog, the higher the temperature of the person should be able to tolerate heat very poorly. So dogs need to be bathed to ensure the health as well as having the comfort.


How long should bathe the dog?

Dog does not require a mode shower as often as we. The frequency of the bath for dogs depends on many factors, such as habitat, the type of feather. With these dogs have fur, healthy skin, it should not bathe often. By this will reduce the hair shine, cause dry skin, even the skin lesions. In general, we should bathe the dog once a week with most of the same. With a few breed specific, we can refer to the instructions below.

  • Breed Poodle: with a skin of oil and oily, we need frequent bathing than once a week.
    • Bull terrier and Pug: they have a short coat and smooth are staggering. Therefore to maintain the excellent characteristics of this, we should, bathroom, 2 weeks, 1 times for them.
    • Basenjis: is a breed of dog has the ability to self-take good care of his fur. So with every 2 months 1 bath time is the appropriate time period.
    • Alaska, husky, Golden: you need to regularly spread hairy pussy and debugging to help your baby to have a healthy, beautiful and strong.

    What point should and should not bathe your dog?

    Just like people, dogs also the time should and should not shower. You need to know this to ensure the effectiveness of the bathroom for dogs.

    Do not take a bath for dogs when:

    • After eating 2h
    • Cold weather below 18 degrees C, especially with the climate of northern
    • Puppies are breastfeeding or recently separated mother
    • Dogs are sick or have signs of illness
    • Bitch is prepared estrous breed. If the bath will reduce the smell, “featured attraction ” to reduce sexual arousal when mating.
    • Bitch after mating within 15 days
    • New dog birth
    • New puppy, buy about
    • New puppy vaccinations

    Should bathe the dog when:

    • There is too much dust, mucus, or other foreign substances on the skin and hair.
    • When it’s time to remove dead undercoat was time loss on the animal’s fur.
    • The increased secretion of sebum, makes the dogs smell.
    • Accumulated dead skin on skin forming cloud, scales.

    We should choose the time of the warm sunlight to bathe the dogs. Should avoid bathing at the end of the day, as hard to the coat of the dog is completely dry. From that can lead to the pathology unnecessary later.

Instructions how to bathe the dog

Except the hot sunny day, we should bathe the dog in the bathroom to ensure the temperature.

Preparation before bath for dogs

Bath For Dogs: Guide To Bathroom To Dogs Always Clean
Bath For Dogs: Guide To Bathroom To Dogs Always Clean

After you have identified the time of the bath for dogs, you should proceed with the operation prepare the following:

  • Use 2 cotton balls stuffed into the 2 ears to avoid water in the ear
  • Preparation 1 rubber mat in the bathroom to avoid during dog bath slippery. This may cause the dog to panic.
  • If toenails dog is too long, you can cut
  • Preparation 1 jar of ointment veterinary dedicated, if not, milk bath, fall into the eye dogs

The step bath for dogs

Step 1 : Brush thoroughly for your dog with a brush dedicated to untangle the hair, remove plaque.

Step 2 : gently Wipe the ear by 1 damp cloth to remove dirt. Use water with temperature appropriate, taking milk bath dedicated to the dog and began bathing them from under the feet up on the torso. Hand scratching lightly for milk bath waterproof all over the body and go all the dirt, then rinse off gently with water. If not, we continue to repeat the process again bathroom.

Step 3 : dry the baby with a towel dry and porous, vertical from top to down

The important note when bathing the dog

  • Should not use milk bath for the people, because milk bath for people with acidity. This will not be good for big dogs.
  • With dogs is inflammation of the skin, you should use shower gel as directed by your veterinarian. If you choose wrong, can make the disease more severe.
  • If you are using milk bath medicinal herbs to treat their pets after applying them milk bath the body should be allowed to stand for 10 minutes to infuse into the skin.
  • Do not take a bath too long is not good for health of the animal.
  • After dry, if the coat is still wet, you can use machine drying. However, you should choose the cool wind to avoid dry skin pet. Drying is very important to the breed, the coat is long, to prevent dermatological diseases.
  • If your dog is not used to hearing the cries of the dryer and there is a backlash, we also should not be forced.
  • If after the bath, pet has extraordinary manifestations such as fever, anorexia, trembling…you should take it to a veterinarian for examination.
  • With the breed has characteristics such as Poodles, Bichon , Maltese, Springers, you should take them to the expert Grooming to get the advice carefully about how to take care of the plumage as well as how to improve their health dermatology of them