Breed Poodle: Exercise And How To Take Care Of

Dog breeds Poodle species is loved by many people in the world. By 1 looks lovely, incredibly lovely at the same time also very smart. This article will help you learn and how to take care of dogs Poodle

Dog breeds Poodle
Dog breeds Poodle

Characteristics of dog breeds Poodle

This is a breed that has aspect ratio size type average. Undercoat curling is special characteristics of them. The look of them, creating the impression of breed smart, agile and active. At the same time looks harmonious, also creates the impression of elegance and pride of them. This is a breed of dog of medium size length approximately equal to height at withers.

Size up to 10 inches (25.4 cm). The size of the AKC about dog breeds poodle is determined by height, not by weight. Poodle Tiny in size 10 inches or less from the highest point of the shoulder. Skull is moderate, slightly rounded. Snout long, straight. Eyes oval is placed quite far apart and are black or brown.

The dog poodle standard must be a copy and the development of breeds poodle medium size with the same characteristics are retained. Poodle medium (standard) size from 35 to 45 cm. Poodle mini in size from 28 to 35 cm. Poodle mini to show the general appearance of 1 poodle medium, miniature, retaining as septicaemia characteristics ratio as well, and not get signs dwarf.

Toy Poodle: the size from 24-28 cm (ideally: 25 cm), size can fluctuate in the range of 1 cm. Toy poodle may weigh 3-4 kg. Ear near the top, long and flat, has fluffy layers wavy. Two legs before and after weight with respect to body size of them. Tails facing up high. Sometimes be cut short by half a length previously or less than to make the dog look more balanced. Feet oval rather small and the toes arched. Soft skin elasticity and pigmentation. Ass, rounded and not sagging. Thighs on has developed muscles and beautiful. Gait and movement of the dog breeds poodle gentle and springy.


Fur color of each dog must be consistent with the skin color of them. The white poodle with black color silver is always the object is most preferred. The coat is quite curly hair, fur colors, including black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white, brown, or milk coffee. Breeds Poodle dogs very special with fur always elongate like the hair of people. The other dog breeds hairy only grows to a maximum and then stop. Poodle is not so, their fur also does not shed like other breeds

Set of dog breeds Poodle

Poodle breed is known about long loyalty, it has the ability to learn, easy to train, and the dog companion pleasant. They are suitable for walking with a human, rather than engage in the game of catch or physical activity. Thick curly hair is their object the art of people with what type of pruning that the poodle looks kinky initiation and cute. However, the poodle would still be in the race dog smart and easy to train, although they bark a little too much, and quite irritable.

Toy Poodle is pretty smart, they respond very well to the requirements of people. They are arguably one of the breed easy to train, most of them fun and active, love to be with people. However, if we are not exercising regularly, it will likely become timid, there are negative manifestations such as bite people, breaking furniture, growling, barking lot (syndrome small dogs).

They are considered one of the dogs taught one: gentle, fun and vivacious. They like to be in the same and interest with people. Coaching them easily and absolutely should not be too spoiled them. If a person is not the owner of them, they can bite if they are provoked to anger. Toy poodle generally very good with other pets and other dogs.

Care dog breeds Poodle
Care dog breeds Poodle

Poodle also can play together with children, however, from age 5 and up is best. Except for the things which the employer is prohibited and not allowed to, the rest easily get them gnaw aim. They are often wary of strangers, they might have won leaping, scratching, or growling. But if they are taught early, they will be more friendly. They can be very sensitive and easily startled.

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Care dog breeds Poodle

Dog is life is quite long, however, still depending on the genetic disease. Some are prone to IMHA (mediated immune hemolytic anemia), order hocks, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disorders, PRA, runny eyes, ear infections and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Eye problems such as cataracts and retinal atrophy can cause blindness. Skin prone to allergies, can by no skill use of fur-trimmed dog.

The child has brown fur, tend to turn into gray. Fur must be brushed frequently. They have to be bath regularly and clipped from six to eight weeks. Must be clipped. There are a number of different fur of the poodle. The most popular and easy care is the “pet clip”, “puppy clip” or “lamb clip,” the type that the fur on the body, cut short. Poodle less epilation and suitable for people with allergies. Need regular trimming, shave hairy pussy of Poodle to avoid the hair to grow long crashed into the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, or parts excretion caused disease for dogs. The trimming feathers also aims to aesthetically pleasing, and help the dogs move more easily.

Clean and check regularly for the ears to avoid mites or infection in the ear canal. Need regular brushing. This breed is active, so we need a daily walk. The game will support very much for the fitness needs of them. They will also be more excited to be playing a good space, fenced safe

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