Disease Lunate Epsilon Symbol In Dogs: Symptoms And Diagnosis

Disease lunate epsilon symbol in dogs is 1 kind of dangerous disease can lay spread from animals to humans. This article will help you understand more about symptoms and how to diagnose the disease lunate epsilon symbol in dogs to limit the risks.

Disease Lunate Epsilon Symbol In Dogs: Symptoms And Diagnosis
Disease Lunate Epsilon Symbol In Dogs: Symptoms And Diagnosis

Disease symptoms lunate epsilon symbol in dogs

Be too acute

  • Occurred abruptly, dog high fever 40,5 – 41°C, anorexia, fatigue, like lying, eyes, lethargic, hind legs weak, there is hyperemia of the conjunctiva.
  • Then the temperature dropped to 37 – 38°C, dog moodiness, difficulty breathing, thirst, vomiting.
  • Lining and yellow skin, dark urine yellow.
  • Can bleeding nose and dog vomited blood , doggystyle fast, body temperature down, difficulty breathing and died within 3 – 5 days.


  • High fever 40,5 – 41,5°C, fatigue, eat less or skip meals.
  • At first, constipation, stools are yellow, then there are a number of child diarrhea.
  • Mucosa and skin, dark urine yellow or brown because there are many blood cells are destroyed, sometimes mixed with blood.
  • Edema in the eyelids, lips, cheeks and skin necrosis
  • It was followed by kidney + liver, blood infections, difficulty breathing and lead to death

Can chronic

  • Skinny bitch weak, epilation, anemia, sometimes edema in the face, bibs, and chest.
  • Yellow urine, diarrhea, persistent, children miscarriage

Pathology of the disease lunate epsilon symbol in dogs

  • Symptomatic jaundice (sclera, mucous benefits, the skin will turn yellow), along with hemorrhage dispersed.
  • Careful pale, yellow-gray, and bulge up on the cutting surface.
    Disease Lunate Epsilon Symbol In Dogs: Symptoms And Diagnosis
    Disease Lunate Epsilon Symbol In Dogs: Symptoms And Diagnosis
  • How careful can stick to the surface of the kidney and popular is bleeding under the covers.
  • Petechiae and haemorrhagic often seen on the lining of the lungs.
  • Liver swollen and fragile, with the array adhesive lobes markedly and transformation yellow brown.
  • Petechiae and capacitors blood was found throughout the brain membrane.
  • Gastric ulceration and hemorrhage, uremia.
  • Histologically, the kidney lesions are hard to see, including the renal tubules, necrosis and edema interstitial mild, very little or no interstitial inflammation.
  • Secondary lesions of uremia, such as the mineralization lungs, mineralization of the gastric mucosa, and necrosis, fibrin blood vessels is common

Diagnosis of the disease lunate epsilon symbol in dogs

  • Because the disease leptospirosis is transmitted, special caution when handling the disease lunate epsilon symbol in dogs. Rubber gloves protect always be worn, and all the fluids of the body will be considered as hazardous materials biology. Urine, semen , curettage after abortion, vomiting, and fluid secreted from the body will need to be handled carefully.
  • Need to take out a comprehensive history of healthy dogs, including history, symptoms, recent activities, and the breakdown can cause this condition. The history you provide may give you the clue your veterinarian about the stage of infection that your dog is experiencing and what organs are affected the most.
  • Requires blood tests, urine tests , electrical panels, stool and urine tests antibody fluorescence . Pet urine and blood will also be ordered to check the popularity of bacteria. Experimental results using a microscope or test titer will also be made to measure the immune response of the body against infection, by measuring the presence of antibodies in the blood. This will help determine the definitive leptospira spirochetes and the level of infection of the system
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Results clinical laboratory

  • Hematologic : leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, prolonged clotting time.
  • Biochemistry : lower sodium chlor, landing, or hyperkalemia, increased phosphate, hyperglycemia; ↑ ALT, ↑ AST, ↑ LDH, ↑ ALP, ↑serum bilirubin; ↑ bile acid in serum; ↑ amylase, lipase serum, stock nito blood, ↑serum creatinine, ↑ creatine kinase serum, ↑ C-reactive protein serum, ↑ tropinin cardiac I; ↑cholesterol, ↑globulin, ↓ serum albumin; changes in mineral and electrolyte disturbances.
  • Urinalysis: specific gravity ≤ 1,029, urinary glucose, urinary protein in the tubules or glomeruli, bilirubin, urinary tract, ↑ granular cells, pus in the urine, blood in urine, increased the rate of protein/creatinine urine.

Check serology

  • En agglutination MAT: MAT is tested serogroup specificity. Expression of the increase or decrease four-fold of the price MAT necessary to determine the serum of an acute disease. False negative results can occur, no distinction is titers after vaccination and the price after natural infection.
  • ELISA: By using the combined measurement of IgG and IgM, ELISA is suitable to distinguish between natural infection and immune response of vaccines cause rather than test MAT. In addition to stage of infection very early results of ELISA showed specificity serovar lower method, MAT. So the use of single ELISA method has not been recommended

Cultured bacteria

A blood sample is optimal in the first 10 days of the disease, then the urine sample. Grab 0,25-0,5 ml of blood, urine, or cerebrospinal fluid implanted directly into the 7-10 ml environment. The environment for the isolation of leptospires is the environment, liquid, semi-solid, or solid in nature. Environment EMJH contains polysorbate 80 and serum fetal calf or serum albumin beef.


Identifier microorganisms

PCR method is effective to detect leptospires in dog urine, blood and semen. Results PCR can result in false positive or false negative. Therefore, the results should always be interpreted based on the clinical signs.

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