Disease Parvo In Dogs: Prevention And Treatments

Disease Parvo In Dogs: Prevention And Treatments – Disease Parvo in dogs is cause of death for a lot of dog. Through 2 previous articles, we have introduced about the disease Parvo in dogs, causes, symptoms and diagnosis. This article will point out how the disease and methods of treatment of Parvo in dogs

Disease Parvo In Dogs: Prevention And Treatments
Disease Parvo In Dogs: Prevention And Treatments

How to prevent Parvo in dogs

Made good work, care, feeding: diet, hygiene, rest, go play………… Vaccination vaccine periodic: start from when the dog is 6 -7 weeks old shots of times 1. Repeat after about 21 days later, and periodically re-strains every year 1 or 2 times depending upon economic conditions, seasonal… Vaccine usually have 3 types:

  • Vaccine 2: the disease care + disease, parvo in dogs
  • Vaccine 5: the disease parvo + disease care + outdoor dog kennels + hepatitis…
  • Vaccine 7: the disease parvo + disease care + disease leptospira + flu dog + kennel cough + hepatitis

Depending on economic conditions, pet owners choose the type of vaccine to the disease Parvo in dogs

Methods of treatment of Parvo in dogs

Current disease Parvo in dogs no prescription. To ensure the safety of the dog, seeing the signs of the disease, you should take the dog to the right veterinary hospital to be examined timely repairs. Do not use medications as well as treatment at home.

Care assistants

Is the most important factor in the treatment of Parvo in dogs. Based on the characteristics and nature of disease, Parvo in dogs we proceed with care assistants are as follows:

  • Always keep dry for the animals : aviary locked statistics higher than about 10 cm above the ground. In the stables to the plate, plastic tray with drainage holes, placed so the towel or diaper absorb urine kos.edu.vn
  • Case for some reason the animal is wet or damp body needs the right drying using a dryer or a towel with a soft, dry wipe clean
  • Always keep clean: the nature of disease Parvo in dogs causes for vomiting and diarrhea more. Should every time vomiting or diarrhea, we conducted cleaned and cleaned immediately. Avoid to vomit or feces smeared on the body of the animal
  • In winter or cold weather compelled to keep warm for animals. Use a heating lamp, light shade, light cover-up towel, for towel clean-lined into the barn where located of animals
  • In summer, the weather is muggy need to create vote primary climate where treatment have to be very cool. Using fans, air conditioning, cover the door, avoid direct sunlight on the animal
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Attention in the process of treatment Parvo in dogs

Whether winter or summer, the wind monsoon moisture… is to keep the room temperature stable treatment. Avoid to thermal shock due to the environment.

  • Regular cleaning, toilet cleaning, where treatment: the cloramin B antiseptic room, care tools, towels….. when treatment is completed each day when there is no doctor in the room can pop ultraviolet rays. Turn off ultraviolet ago about 30p when the doctor into
  • Care tools, captivity right to own, separated from the other rooms. To avoid disease, Parvo in dogs spread into an epidemic
  • In the room there is only 1 or 2 doctors directly treating. Do not travel from one room to another. Where necessary, they must disinfect hands and feet, changing and then be moved to where it is needed
  • Pet owners to visit must obtain the consent of the new doctor be allowed into the room, and comply with all requirements, rules, therapy room.


Disease Parvo in dogs has no cure that we conducted to enhance the resistance for the animal to help the animal produces antibodies excreted pathogens out of the body, next to proceed with the treatment of symptoms due to disease triggers

Disease Parvo In Dogs
Disease Parvo In Dogs
  • Disease Parvo in dogs can uninstall the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea with multiple frequencies, bloody diarrhea should the body from dehydration, blood loss , loss of electrolyte balance very quickly, the animal tired. We conduct additional water, electrolyte balance for animals by intravenous infusion solution, ringer’s lactate, normal saline 0,9% , kaliclorid 10%, glucose 5 %..
  • When the number of viral replication, strong enough, enough virulence to do for the immune system, the body decline from that harmful microorganisms especially the gut, such as E. coli, salmonella, clostridium,…grow up to do the gastrointestinal mucosa as hurt. Proceed antibiotics: ampixilin….to superinfection develop
  • The intestinal mucosa is irritated by the harmful elements should cause vomiting phenomenon: proceed holding vomiting by atropine sulphat, pay attention to the antipyretic for animal.
  • When the gastrointestinal mucosa injury caused sloughing of the mucosa leads to bleeding caused phenomenon, animal, bloody diarrhea or stool mixed with blood. Proceed to stop the bleeding with vitamin k, transamin,…..
  • In the process of cure Parvo in dogs, we combine parallel with the treatment of symptoms, the enhanced resistance to important top. Enhanced by the use of the drug support strength, power assist: sodium benzoate, caffeine, catosal, vitamin
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Some attention is needed when intervention on disease Parvo in dogs:

  • To animal quiet place
  • Regularly check the temperature, the level of progression of animals to take timely removal intervention new
  • Hygiene, good care for animals.
  • Depending on economic conditions, your doctor should advise pet owners on interventions such as blood transfusion, injection of antiserum

After 3 past few posts, we hope you have understood somewhat about the level of danger of the disease Parvo in dogs, symptoms, prevention and treatment.

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