Disease Care In Dogs: Symptoms And Methods Of Diagnosis

Disease Care In Dogs: Symptoms And Methods Of Diagnosis – Disease Care in dogs is 1 of the very dangerous disease for dogs. Especially puppies. The disease appears more when there is a change of weather, especially when it rains for many days, high humidity. So, to detect the disease and timely treatment, you need to know is the symptoms of the disease.

Disease Care In Dogs: Symptoms And Methods Of Diagnosis
Disease Care In Dogs: Symptoms And Methods Of Diagnosis

Disease Care in dogs expression is very diverse depending on the age, breed, health status, mode of foster care, as well as virulence of the pathogen.

  • The first dog-tired, moody, eat less, not like athletes, watery eyes, runny nose, vomiting. Then fever 40 – 41,5 ºC lasts from 24 – 26h, then the temperature dropped 38,5 – 39,5 ºC
  • 3 – 4 days after appearance craze 2nd lasts 3 – 4 days. At this time more severe disease due to bacterial superinfection.
  • At the same time appeared craze 2nd, sick dogs begin to have symptoms in the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, skin and nerves.

A number of manifestations of the disease Care in dogs

1. Gastrointestinal

• Inflammation of the stomach & intestines, animal thirst, vomiting, at first, regurgitate food then sickness or vomiting foam is yellow. • Diarrhea, at first diluted manure, frothy then mixed with blood, stools, coffee color pale. Severe cases can be mixed with fresh blood, intestinal mucosa peel compost smells fishy examined very uncomfortable. • Inflammation of the oral mucosa and ganglia function.


2. Respiratory

• Dog is inflammation of the nose, larynx, bronchitis and pneumonia should dogs shortness of breath, breathing rate increased clearly, the lungs have ran wet. • Flow more water the nose, at first, dilute following characteristics gradually, sometimes mixed with pus green or have black blood. • Dog cough, at first dry, then wet, dog breath, stick out your tongue out without breathing. • Inflammation of the eye, watery eyes at first, tears in. The following characteristics gradually like latex, dog ulcer, corneal clouding may be purulent.

3. Symptoms on the skin

• Appearance of the nodules sai in the abdomen, groin, breast, inner thigh. The first on the skin of the red dots, then turn into nodules sai tits, pea green bean rice grains. At first red, then bacterial superinfection should be soft out, pus, when breaking matted fur that smells smelly.

• The nodules sai may break or not break and form scabs, flaking away, leaving 1 wound, fast healing and no scar. • Leather proliferation: After sick 10 – 15 days, 80 – 90% of sick children, in the liver, foot, big proliferative thickening, sometimes cracked out dog limping.

4. Neurological symptoms

• Dog sullen, sulky or aggressive then the appearance of seizures regularly in the muscles, nose, ears, legs or the whole body. • His floundering, stand up, fall down, sometimes bombed out of his wall, foaming at the mouth. • Last dog was paralyzed, lying sunk, arrhythmia, hypothermia and death. • The healing disease usually have symptoms: skinny babe go super crooked, blind and deaf… • Expression in the eye: Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, at first, tears in, then chisel gradually as purulent, when the ulcer, perforated mucosa of the eyes, even can blind. • The genital tract: males inflammation of the lining pockets, penis, females are pregnant can lead to miscarriage


Method of diagnosis of the disease Care in dogs

  • Based on the clinical symptoms of the disease: Fever, there are rules, diarrhea stools, coffee color, have nodules sai no neurological manifestations.

    Disease Care In Dogs: Symptoms And Methods Of Diagnosis
    Disease Care In Dogs: Symptoms And Methods Of Diagnosis
  • Find lents: the version from the product, scrape the mucosa, staining Hematoxilin Eosin, find subcategories lents through a microscope.
  • Virus isolation: The food is blood, spleen, lungs, and water excretions of the animal facilities, processing of illusory, then infect ferrets.
  • Diagnosed by biochemical tests and urine analysis can also reveal the number of leukocytes, lymphocytes reduced leukocyte activity in the immune system in the early stages of the disease ( leukopenia ).
  • A serum test can determine antibody positive, but this test can’t distinguish between antibodies vaccination and exposure to a toxic . The antigen virus can be detected in the bottom mud or marks pussy. Big hairy iris, nasal mucosa and adipose tissue châncũng can be tested for antibodies.
  • X-rays to determine if an animal is infected with pneumonia or not.
  • Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to check the brain for any damage that may develop.

Differential diagnosis disease Care in dogs

  • Ill catch a cold: at the first stage.
  • Pneumonia : Dogs often suffer when the weather changes, wind, purchase frozen, stuck in all the ages. Dog high fever, shortness of breath wheezing. Sculpture, treatment with antibiotics specific diseases in the respiratory tract after 5-7 days of illness up and out of the dog back to normal.
  • Diarrhea: caused By bacterial infection or food not Dog toilet can fever (caused by infection) or no fever diarrhea without blood therapy resistance sịnh specificity along additional water and concentration electrolytes, after 7-10 days of illness will decrease, and then gradually to off.

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