Things to keep in mind when caring breeds Tibetan mastiff

Things to keep in mind when caring breeds Tibetan mastiff  – Capital is a species of dogs special needs, buying and selling Clam Tibet on the market today increasingly high. However, in order to take care of them properly are not well know, the article below will give you things to note when raising this breed.

Things to keep in mind when caring breeds Tibetan mastiff
Things to keep in mind when caring breeds Tibetan mastiff

Not suddenly, Clam Tibet is nicknamed the “Lord of the steppe”. This breed is considered one of the dangerous dogs and most ferocious planet. The power and flexibility of Clam Tibetan can be compared to tiger, leopard. However, they can live to be a healthy way, the owner of we need to make a few notes below.

Note about habitats

Appearance from thousands of millennia ago in Tibet and is the Tibetan feed, due to the nature of the coat is very thick of them, “guard supreme” of the Himalayas is not suitable pet in hot weather conditions, humidity, although Clam Tibet can withstand dry heat. To raise is this breed in the hot and humid climate like Vietnam, Clam Tibet should always be raised in places with shade and provided regular water to avoid thermal shock.

In addition, Clam Tibet is a loyal dog, always along with the owner, so will fit best when they are raised in homes with courtyards wide and solid fence, just convenient for the training of dogs just to ensure safety for the people around.


Note taking care of dogs by each age

For the dog babies from 1 to 3 months of age

Just like any species, any dog, the baby Clam Tibetan newborn there digestive system is weak, need to pay special attention to the serving of them. At age immature how this should only be for the baby eat the soft food, such as rice with meat lean ground small porridge with minced pork combined with dry food. Note that should soak nuts food dried for about 5 to 10 minutes before feed them. Divided into 3 meals per day, feeding intervals between the meals evenly spaced.

taking care of dogs
taking care of dogs

For dogs from 4 to 8 months of age

To this point, Clam Tibet has also started to grow more, this is the age flourish of them. This stage, need to add more protein to clam Tibet through the types of food: beef, lean pork, offal, animal, chicken stock duck. At the same time, eggs, chicken, vegetables, dry food should also be complemented with alternating. Reduced for Tibetan Mastiffs eat 2 meals a day and increase the volume of food to suit the age.

At this age you can start to Clam Tibetan exercises lightweight, simple to ensure holistic development for them as running, catching the ball,… Clam Tibet under 3 months of age should not be for a workout too heavy will cause the muscles and bones are expanding. Lead to can’t normal development when they enter the stage of puberty.

For dogs from 8 to 12 months of age

his is the age of the development overall condition of Clam Tibetan almost perfect. Dog Tibetan this age, the need to strengthen the fed meats dress, need to chew as much as: beef, lamb, goat meat,… combined to gnaw bone tube daily. Meat, offal, chicken stock or bone must be decided according to the big block. Can we eat more eggs, live chicken eggs or duck every day from 2 to 3 results. In addition to the options for them to eat 2 meals a day, you can feed them 1 main meals and 1 snack per day. Main meals to ensure more protein and calcium. Snacks can feeding chicken necks, duck, eggs, vegetablesu…

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Continue to maintain a workout with Clam Tibet at this age. Still is, with simple exercises such as running, catching the ball,.. the, you can increase the intensity of the workout extra for them.

For dogs from 1 year old and up

From the age of 1 onwards, it is mandatory for Tibetan Mastiffs eat at least 1kg of food per day. For example, 400 to 500 grams of beef, or fresh pork, half a pound of bone, 8 to 10 eggs duck. Dry food 2 to 4 bowls, add more vegetables to easy-to-digest food. The volume of food to gradually increase based on weight.

Point them enough 1 year old and up, new you for the exercise to develop muscles and bones as:

  • Running strength: Let them run under the motorcycle from 5 to 6 km per day.
  • Drag tires: Use 4 to 6 automobile tire pooled for them pull.
  • Go swimming: can let the dog go swimming in the rivers and lakes around the area you’re in.
  • High jump: Suspension beef up high, like Mastiffs jumped up and bites, developed thigh muscles 2 rear legs.
  • Weight: Forced barbell on 4 legs and catch them on the move. Gradually increase the volume of dumbbells.

In the process of care and coaching Clam Tibet, to ensure safety for yourself as well as those around you, please wear muzzles and provide adequate water for them after every workout. Also don’t forget to pocket a few prestigious address of veterinary medicine as PetHealth to health monitoring for them. Hopefully the above information will help you in the process of raising Clam Tibetan okay.

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