HOW TO BATHE CATS THAT PET OWNERS NEED TO REMEMBER – Cats and washing with water in nature is almost not there should also rare, the baby cat-like bathroom. And the trying to sink them into the bath that does not learn in advance can lead to injuries for both you and your pet. Therefore, how to bathe cats incorrectly can cause consequences.

You can get water on the floor, wall and many place, you can bite, scratch, scratches all over the body due to cat panic when bathing. Cat was afraid to run away, not found anywhere. Cats can hurt the body in the process of being forced to do something they don’t like.


Bath based on the habit of self-cleaning of the cat

One of the qualities that we love in cats are the clean of them. After meal delight, the cat will self-cleaning his meticulously by the small blade from the top of the tail to the top of their head.

Even 2 baby cats, when your going to lick all clean for each other. Mother cat often licking wheelbase cleaning for your child is what you observed most. This is the way cats bathe from the time of our ancestors. Wild cats or domestic cats are maintaining this. This is also for cats pretty effective, too!

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Also very lucky that when pet owners generally feel pretty cat is clean compared to the other pets, so we know self-cleaning. Should the washing with water for the cat , you should not do too often. Often these professionals will recommend 3-4 weeks to conduct a bath once is reasonable.

How to bathe cats stars for the most convenient

Although cat is not frequently required. But sometimes we need a shower and toilet added by pet owners. Here are some helpful tips to help you or how bathroom for cats “less stress” most:

  • Trust more people help you the way showers for cats useful . Who is the best that your cat knows and likes. Added support person can help the cats while you bathe them. Help for the bathing process more quickly and also more people caress, comfort for cat’s fears.
  • Nail clippers for cats with dedicated tools such as scissors or nippers, nail, mix nail lacquer before you intend to give the little kitty bath. Most cats will try to get rid of you if you don’t like bathroom. Therefore, the pruning of the nail which will help reduce the number of scratches that you get in this process.
  • Use a towel under the bottom of the bath towels, bath to your kitty can adhere well on the surface. Not slippery causing panic.
  • Use a soft cloth to blot soap for kittens. Then rinse them with warm water until all the soap on their plumage.
  • Use more water to rinse preparation prior to rinsing.
  • Chat with cat voice gentle, mellow when you bathe them. This will help them to calm down.
  • Wipe dry with a towel and leave to dry in the air in the room warm, no drafts. If the cat has long fur, you may have to brush the fur while they are drying to remove tangles.
  • Practice bathroom routines cats since childhood will be easier
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Note when bathing for cats

With the way bath for cats, usually to give the most convenient. Please note the following points:

  • Use brush to brush the fur of them before starting the bath. Untangle hairy when needed, brush less feathers help the bathroom, then more quickly.
  • Only used a few inches of water to the cat get acquainted and keep the temperature just right. Pour more water as gently as taking the shower more water (from the to the water fills up) limited clink noise not to do cat fear.
  • Not to the cat got wet before drop the cat into the water to cat frightened.
  • Use shampoo dedicated to bathe a cat. Anything else can be harmful or even toxic for your cat.
  • Be careful with the cat and avoid water in the eyes, ears or nose of the cat.
  • Pay attention not to wet head and wipe dry with a towel. Then use a hair dryer immediately after bathing to maintain body temperature. No to cats cold, okay!

How to bathe cats too afraid of water

If cats absolutely not be water resistant, you can select alternative method is to buy oil bath dry safe for cats at the petshop. Or use shower bag for cats is also very convenient. In addition, you can give the cat to the dog spa cat – grooming professional to replace your shower for baby!

On here are some share about how to bathe the cat in each of the different cases that we want to share with you read. Hope the article has to offer to you the most useful knowledge in how to bathroom. From which to apply for his pet to be the most effective.


Frequently asked questions about how the bath for cats

Note in the way of shower for cats

You should use a brush to brush for clean before starting the bath. Untangle to the bathroom more quickly. Use shampoo for professional use, to avoid water into the ear, eye or nose of the cat,… When the bath is over need dryer always to maintain body temperature.

How to bathe cats too afraid of water

In case the cat does not tolerate water bath, then you can select the method used oil dry bath safety buy at the petshop. Or you can use the bag for bathing a cat is also very convenient, or for the cats to the spa – grooming professional for bathing.

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