RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS CATS – Want to make friends with a baby new cats pets sometimes easy but sometimes so hard. So the secret pet cat for beginners what is?

If you choose to feed a baby was born and reared in the family who have loved, or are closing holding, stroking, she is often called “wrap the” over and vice versa. But sometimes you get foster cat, or start to feed the baby too personal, too, can be baby suffering from shock, psychological, and “fear of people”, or simply “cat like independence.”


Remember in the wild cats are solitary creatures, and, of course, doesn’t care too much to be friends or have links with people. But anyway, cat house also had to be tamed and in general, cats can be quite social and easily attached to at least one member in family pet owners.

If you to the process of “friends” will occur naturally over time (type shelves for cat self dear gradually), it seems quite difficult to success, veterinary hospital Pethealth have compiled some tips for you to create a “link” with a new cat, and ensure new cat in your comfortable with that.

Recipes begin cats number 1: Make the CAT feel safe

For cat a private area where cats can be alone. This may seem a bit strange, but it will help your cat feel safe… and you sure where it’s still located in your control – called private room.

Then, be prepared for cats things cat need: containers for food, drinks, toys and bedding, and ensure that the other pets of you can’t get into this room.

If you don’t have a private room completely, just set up a small area somewhere in the house, like under the bed, behind the lockers,.. . Remember is don’t rush, let the new cat somewhere where the Boss feel safe in 1 the first day or so is not bad. Note: make sure you check regularly to help start the bonding process (style looks see them out stars, for eating, for drinking water… but don’t try to catch them, touch them, if they don’t want to).

Recipes begin cats number 2: give cats their own space after the first date

After a first day when the cat begins to feel more comfortable, you can let baby wander around your home, but always to easily run toward “safe room” of the cat (like paper box, hard mattress arch, sealed)

This is also one of the most important moment of the process of emotional bond had pet owners and cat. You should not your cat feel overwhelmed to have you in life, so although you start interacting with them as to call for food, closer than try stroking,… Remember, don’t do it too often if your baby does not cooperate.

 Recipes start cat no. 3: Play with cats

As soon as you think that your cat feel comfortable, it’s time to start playing. This is one of the best ways to bond with your new friend.
Trying to figure out the toys which your new friend like the most (like the fishing cat, the ball,..) , and these toys at least once or twice a day. Then, your cat will begin to associate with you in a fun way.


Recipes start cat no. 4: caress, caressing

When your new cat feel comfortable when you touch, you should take the time to start stroking. One of the social behavior between the cat is grooming for and when you pet the cat, you are doing something similar. This means it will make the cat feel comfortable and will clearly expresses an intention to close bécủa you.

While you pet your cat your new be sure to communicate with your baby in a gentle voice to the cat know you mean no harm. The ultimate goal here is to let the cat began to caress. But don’t feel discouraged if your baby is not ready to cooperate.

 Recipes start cat no. 5 : Arrange sleep

Right after you select feed the cat, you need to decide in advance whether you can leave them on the bed or not. You should know that mèocó be annoying when the cat space receiving your sleep, that’s is one of the best ways to bond with your new pet.


Do not force your cat to cuddle you, but don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night with your new love by your side right in the first night. So if want baby to sleep together, that your cat is still a kitten, you may need to help them to climb up and down bed (if necessary)

Recipes start cat no. 6: Arrange dining

A great way to bond with your new cat is through the fed. at a certain time in the day to eat; your cat will quickly adapt to the schedule you set out.


While for the cat to eat, try to communicate (chat) with them, because this will strengthen your relationship. The goal while feeding is to make your cats feel love for your most special (like their mother so) – this will help a lot for servant relationship long-term.

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