DOG TRAINING TOILET IN PLACE  – Teach your dog, your toilet in place , right where regulations are not too difficult if you understand in principle, but it need you two things are PATIENCE & TIME .

Pethealth synthesize a number of ways most simple to the advice of some expert dog trainer in Vietnam in this article, you come to consult me!


Dog training potty in the right spot should be conducted from when they were small

Teach dog from when they were a baby and new about your home is the best. Do not expect the puppy is 3 months or 6 months to conduct the training, okay. Because of hygiene true or false place are almost as habit and routine should be created from baby.

Should let the dogs out natural daily to support training toilet right place

If possible, walk the dog daily, the training dog toilet outside the house a lot easier compared to the toilet in the tray. This is grounded on nature in wild, naturally dog will toilet on ground background, grass or sand, and the problem is that you have to simulate it for them. The tray toilet, carpet grass, doilies dedicated can support this, but the dog out still considered to be optimal over all. Due to the toilet in the wrong place, sometimes due to the dog’s stress, because there is not enough.

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Teach your dog go to the toilet in the tray is a difficult thing because it’s not convenient, with natural for dogs wishing to mark territory >> levels rings with the baby when coaching you!

Dog training potty in the right spot, start from the dining of them

Take a fixed time in the day to the digestive system of the baby stable and at church track now, baby go to the toilet and take him out tray (use more chain support if necessary). If the baby refuses to go to the toilet, then give the baby away and to play with the baby for a moment and then took out tray set toilet directly.

And you have to watch all day, not just a moment, okay. So when I started my pet dog, please arrange more time for them in the 1-2 weeks is the minimum.


Rewarded for dogs when they potty in the right spot

Fact or science assert that dogs also have personality just like the kids, compliments, love to be encouraged to do the right thing instead of punishment or scolding. Therefore, when your dog toilet right in the tray to the toilet,… let’s rewards for baby dishes, baby love, compliments by massage, head and sayings rewarded as “good”, “good” and repeated the action that whenever your baby properly do anything. okay.

Duration training dog potty in the right spot every individual is different

There is no fixed study duration toilet right place of the dog, each dog does not really will need the identical time, okay. If quick, your dog may be a few days, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months or more, so you have to prepare mentally strong Fighting in advance!

The above are just the TIP simple guide, so if you have more difficulty when training, you can contact more Pethealth will help your consultant or connect the center, trainer, professional dog trainers.

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You can look for the dog go to school to be trained only standard over all the skills and other problems again!

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