Cat Care: Experience For The New Pet

Cat Care: Experience For The New Pet – The cat care like caring for a child. We need to take care of how to make them healthy, lovely and mischievous? This article veterinary hospital PetHealth will provide information cat care helpful, in accordance with the new pet cat.

Cat Care: Experience For The New Pet
Cat Care: Experience For The New Pet

“Tips” to help take care of cats healthy, docile

Cats also go through periods of birth, disease, aging and death as humans. At each stage different, nutrition and health status of the cat is different. Along with that, you need to note combine to create the good habit of daily living for cats. Here is the knowledge about nutrition and how to train good habits for cats.

Cat care diet simple

Diet should be divided according to each stage of development of the cat. Based on each age, the nutrient content will be changed in accordance with the cats body. Four stages of development of the main cat as follows:

Cat babies under 6 weeks of age

Condition kittens at this time was quite small and weak. You need:

  • Tempering the body warm kitty 24/24 with a cotton towel or a heating lamp.
  • Can substitute milk cat milk pasteurized. Day of feeding from 3-4 times, the meals evenly spaced.
  • Air more calcium dogs and cats into the milk when for kittens to eat. Dosage of about 1/6 tablets/ day.
  • Sterilize the bottle or cylinder with water 40 degrees before hoa milk for the cat.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe clean parts toilet of kittens.

Kittens from 6 to 10 weeks of age

This stage kitten go back to agile and easier. How to take care of also almost similar to newborn kitty. You need additional large amount of protein for your cat during this period.

  • For kittens drink milk, 2 times/ day. Hoa calcium in milk, about 1/8 – 1/6 tablets/day.
  • Start to eat more food mix puree with pork, fish, chicken.
  • Avoid for cats eat bones, fish, pig, chicken, …
  • How to bathe cats : Bath, 1 time/ month, a bath with warm water.
  • Use milk bath dedicated for dogs and cats to bathroom and hygiene, treatment ticks lice.
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Kittens from 3 to 6 months of age

At this time, the kittens are of the age of development, starting with more meat. Care kittens this period there were many changes to note.

  • That can wean to eat rice with meats and replenishes.
  • Use of calcium regularly in the diet for cats
  • For cats eat recipe eat seeds (mix, add a little milk if the cat is not in the habit of eating seeds)
  • Prepare a bowl of water beside the bowl. Clean two bowls of this on a regular basis.
  • Worming, vaccination, vaccine, disease, according to the advice of a veterinarian.

Cats over 6 months of age

Can say, this is the stage of adult cats. They look sturdy and whose resistance is quite good. Mode easy care, bisexual way, adult cats are sometimes left with little to friendly. Some note for you pet:

  • Diet often have been formed from ago
  • Deworming and vaccinations for cats periodically. Worming periodically months, vaccination reminder periodically years.
  • The training cat age change old habits will meet many difficulties
  • Avoid psychological shock as the home for cats over 2 years old.
  • Avoiding certain kinds of food, easy to make cat sick, poisoning such as chocolate, …

For any abnormal phenomenon of cats as vomiting, defecating, rash all over the body, … you need to take the cat to the medical, veterinary nearest to receive the timely advice from the vet.

Training cats make a habit of living well

In parallel mode with the right nutrition, you should also make a habit of living for the cats right from when they were small. The routine activities you can create for cats as: go potty in the right spot, oral hygiene, daily … You can refer to the information training cats make a habit of basics below:

Cat Care: Experience For The New Pet
Cat Care: Experience For The New Pet

Proper toilet seat

To cats obediently listen to the word and know the toilet in the right place, you need to prepare:

  • Create a public toilet fixed for cats
  • Ensure where it quiet, not affected by human and canine
  • Regularly clean the toilet daily or weekly
  • Can use tray toilet or basin sand
  • Avoid using or sudden change scents too concentrations where a cat toilet
  • Should deodorant place toilet graffiti of cats by gasoline or oil smell. Then put the cat in the right spot you want them to go to the toilet, about 2-3 times so will gradually create habits for cats.
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Care the cat will more leisurely thanks discipline in living habits you create for them.

Oral hygiene for cats

Cats often see a number of dental diseases such as tartar, bad breath, teeth weak, loose,… here’s how to brush your teeth to avoid the best dental diseases for cats:

  • Brush teeth for cat daily with a brush and toothpaste specialized of cats
  • Should for cat tasting ago flavors of toothpaste
  • The brush for cats lasts no more than 30 seconds
  • Constantly check the plaque accumulation on the tooth surface area, hard hygiene in the oral cavity

Oral hygiene clean will help prevent the disease in the oral cavity and enhance longevity.

Maintain good health condition when cat care

Cat care is not merely nutrition, usually daily. But besides that, maintaining good health is also one of the factors that help the cat to prolong life. And moreover, this work is located entirely in the ability to make your. By maybe putting the cat go and check the overall health periodically, or grooming, shower toilet for cats is not so difficult. Details as follows:

Put cat health overall annual

Just like a family member, cats should be checked for periodic health. This helps them maintain strong physical condition optimization. According to the leading experts in veterinary medicine, cats should be seen periodically at least 2 times per year. Check out holistic health periodically about:

  • Ear – nose – throat
  • Teeth – jaw – face
  • Measuring only of survival
  • Dermatological diseases, such as dermatitis, fungus, scabies parasite
  • A booster immunization, deworming, kill fleas
  • Test the dangerous disease is common in cats as: Reduction of leukemia in cats (FPV), trematodes, renal…

Invite you refer to the article: Disease leukopenia in cats: Causes and symptoms to know the causes why cats stop eating is tired, okay!

The vet will be happy to advise you on nutrition fit. If you are interested in or wondering about the strange expression, health problems as well as behavior of the cat house yourself, you should take the cat to your veterinarian soon or contact service to see a vet at home to receive timely tips and best.

A number of other knowledge when self-care for cats at home

An exercise in taking two front legs grooming of the cat is also a way to make their plumage becomes popular look more. However, you should still support them brush the coat regularly, at least 1 time per week. Besides, the bathroom, toilet for cats is also a action cat care is recommended. Benefits extremely surprising from the brush, bathroom toilet for cats you have to know?

  • Fur aroma silky, create a clean feel more comfortable for cats
  • Reduce fur matted, tangled hair in the house
  • Control the skin condition cat: lumps, bumps, nodules, redness, fleas, parasites, scabies
  • Hypothermia for cat the hot sunny days, sultry
  • Shower with warm water, use towel to wipe dry and air dry thoroughly for cats

Knowledge cat care to note:

  • The digestive system of cats, adaptive difficulty with sweeteners from sugar and milk. Avoid giving the cat to eat these substances when cats are small, or are being weak.
  • Should for cat sun exposure daily, usually before 10 a.m.
  • Use physiological saline to test the eyes and little nose to inflammatory diseases of the eye, inflammation of the nose
  • Sanitary ear with a cotton children often
  • To avoid the cats go out wandering, absolutely not for cats under 6 months of age, went out of her way play

A mischievous cat, healthy and naturally won more adorable than a cat moody, sick, right? Veterinary hospital PetHealth hopefully, with the information, share useful from this article will be your source of experience in care cat for all of your new adopted cat.

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